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Of Vaccines in Pakistan

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About us

In early 1990’s, a dire need was felt to establish an indigenous production facility in the private sector to achieve self sufficiency in the production of EPI(Expanded Program of Immunization) and non -EPI vaccines. For this purpose, liaison with the world leading vaccines manufacturer. Chiron (now Novartis) Vaccines, a US based company, was established to acquire the technology for the production of vaccines. Chiron Vaccines joined hands with AMSON which has the distinction of being the only private sector vaccine manufacturer in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO), which comprises of 22 countries including Pakistan.
AMSON has entered the field of hospital consumables by launching the first locally manufactured Auto Disable Syringe in Pakistan as a Pioneer industry. Technology for production of Auto Disable Syringes has been acquired from Star Syringes, UK and Destroject, Germany.
By the grace of Almighty Allah, AMSON now enjoys the collaboration of world’s leading manufacturers to deliver highest quality products to the people.